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What is the minimum period of stay you advised at Kayakalp?
We advise a minimum of 10-15 days of stay for the new people who wish to completely rejuvenate the whole body. But after considering the difficulties experienced by patients, and on their repeated requests we are now allowing admission for shorter duration of 7-10 days also.
I don’t have any ailments, but I wanted to rejuvenate at Kayakalp, how may days you recommend me to stay there?
After coming over there, if I like the place, can I extend my stay in Kayakalp?
What are the rules and regulations of the Kayakalp for admissions?
Is fasting specified for all?
Why the routine for all the patients/participants are the same?
What are the diseases you take up?
What is the age limit of patients who can undergo treatment process at Kayakalp?
How can Naturopathy cure diseases without medicines?
Why do you give early dinners that cause us to feel hungry before going to bed?
General patients should be properly guided when they join the Institute?
Why is the issue of gate pass so strict?
Why tea, coffee, smoking, Zarda, alcohol are advised to be given up abruptly instead of tapering?
What type of food you serve at the Kayakalp Center?
What to bring along with us to the center?
Can you high light about the day one activities?